Squeeze tubes
- Lamitubes and
Seamless tubes

Squeeze tubes
- Lamitubes and Seamless tubes

Laminated tubes are used for packaging across the globe in varied sectors such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and oral hygiene. These are available in two laminates namely ABL (Aluminium Barrier Laminate) and PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate)

Plastic extruded tubes are seamless tubes that are used in the packaging of high-end products in a range of businesses especially cosmetics, toiletries and food.

The range of diameters varies between 16 to 50.

Key Features and Advantages

Different types of printing and finishing can be done on these tubes like Offset and Screen printing, Foiling, Hot stamping, Gloss/ Matt , holographic finish.

Different cap types available like stand up, filp top, screw on, conical, etc.

Efficient and attractive, cost effective.


Production capacity of 11.5 million tubes per month on our 4 machines, including Kombis from Bulgaria and PSG Mini 120 from Switzerland.

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