Rigid Boxes

Rigid Boxes
(Set-up boxes, Hard boxes,
Chipboard Boxes)

A chipboard is 4 times thicker than a normal board (1.2 mm to 3 mm thick), it is die cut, grooved on all edges, folded, and overlaid with what we call PLC (printed laminated cover - it is a 130 gsm to 180 gsm art paper - printed and embellished); can also use PU/fabric/leather. There are different types like telescopic (top/bottom), drawer and sleeve style, shoe box style, hinge book fold style

Key Features and Advantages

Recyclable alternative to hard case plastic boxes or wooden boxes - since chipboard is ultimately paper based, Quite Durable and sturdy (both in looks and material), Luxury Feel, Multiple Styles Possible like magnetic closure, eva foam or paper tray to hold the product in place; Can give speciallized shapes like Heart shaped boxes


6 fully automatic Hongming machines ( implies 3 automatic lines for top and bottom assembly) + 2 semi automatic set up for critical and special boxes like heart shaped rigid boxes, speciallized luxury boxes, liquor boxes etc.

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