Cannister Boxes

Round Cannister Boxes

A round paper box by PR packaging is used for a range of utilitarian and innovative purposes. Our products are most handy for keeping circular goods; however, items of any form can fit in an appropriate size. A cylindrical box packaging can also be used to stylishly wrap gifts and is particularly prevalent for bridal and engagement gifts. The proportions and elements utilised to make the boxes give usefulness as well as variety.

You can use to all forms of the round box as a cap box since caps have indeed been bought or kept in round boxes for years to protect them from crashes or damages. Most round cardboard types have circular brims, making a round box excellent. Hat buys are still a prominent use for large round box packaging, and hat boxes are frequently reused for storage and other uses.

Key Features and Advantages

The benefit of having handmade round paper boxes is that they will be quite customised. Most manufacturers purchase custom round paper boxes that include specific features such as multiple colours or shades, custom sizes, and custom designs. This happens when you need the boxes to look like other boxes you've seen, you can easily purchase them. This is especially useful if a company wishes to have multiple shades or colours for its boxes, as well as distinct shapes that will set them apart from the competitors.


We are a manufacturer; thus, we can provide you with a low pricing and direct communication. in addition, with deep expertise, even our own creative team can supply excellent packaging and printing solutions to add value to the goods. We are a company that combines designing, production, print, manufacturing, selling, and shipping to give you another solution. The manufacturing associates perform extensive research, allowing us to build and supply technologically innovative things such as a round paper box. We are willing to bring new technology and improve our present range thanks to their thorough work. As a result, we are our clients' first selection.

Thickness can be upto 2.5 mm which is sufficient for most cases, to get the outer diameter accordingly.
Possible diameters in Unprinted Only
15 mm 19 mm 22 mm 24 mm 25 mm 27 mm 30 mm
Possible diameters with Printing Possible
33 mm 38 mm 41 mm 50 mm 54 mm 57 mm 60 mm
65 mm 68 mm 76 mm 78 mm 83 mm 86 mm 88 mm
91 mm 95 mm 115 mm

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