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PRPL houses avant-garde machinery and systems from Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, China, Taiwan and Korea that meet with the highest certifications to ensure the best value for clients via every product that leaves our doors. As an innovative packaging company, we strive hard to give the best quality to our clients in every endeavor. We own a state-of-the-art infrastructural unit with all the required equipment and machines to accommodate any size and type of demands.

Our rich industry experience has helped us understand the significance of packaging. It is the best tool to represent your brand without even catching the glimpse of the product. So, being the first image for the buyer, it has to be irresistible and at the same time informative about the product. Packaging forms a connection between your product and brand identity and as an innovative packaging company, we ensure the same. Hence, we make sure to incorporate all the important details like a brand logo, suitable colors, tricky fonts, and other Imagery for the perfect visual representation of your brand. We make sure that every detail should reveal the idea that your brands can associate with.


At PRPL, we are invested heavily into state-of-the art technology on all-fronts of our business. which is why, we are known among the leading gift box manufacturers with specialization in electronics packaging. Our pre-press runs on:
– Esko Graphics Suite Workflow – the best in artwork quality control and efficiency
– Esko Kongsberg Sample Maker – the most capable Design & Development unit available

We specialize in developing labor-saving packaging techniques powered by efficient manufacturing capabilities. Known as an innovative packaging company, all of our designs are known for extreme accuracy, across the industry. When it comes to electronics packaging, we take care that these delicate items should remain safe during the delivery.

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Furthering our investment into technology, PRPL houses a 21 printing unit setup to meet with all client-needs speedily and accurately. Our printing machines are the finest from Mitsubishi and KBA – for conventional and UV printing with online and offline coating facilities and the capability to print on substrates such as plastics and foil board. We also excel in the most delicate electronics packaging.
Being among the foremost gift box manufacturers in India, We have also invested in an in-house ink-matching centre, endorsed by reputed ink manufacturers. The centre is equipped with the latest digital ink-generation systems, to guarantee the perfect matching and repeatability of ink.

We invest in bringing high-quality technology and equipment from across the globe to offer nothing less than best-in-class solutions to our customers. Be it electronics packaging or any other kind of packaging, we take care of every aspect so that the end result is sure to delight you.

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PRPL is equipped with the most modern, fully automatic die-cutters from BOBST, with an online stripping facility to meet all desired timelines. The company also has a support system of semi-automatic die-cutting machines to meet all types of client requirements expected from the leading gift box manufacturers including the most delicate electronics packaging.

The facilities of Embossing and Hot Foil Stamping are also available at PRPL.

PRPL supports several lines of the automatic folder and gluer machines from BOBST with advanced attachments capable of pasting almost every type of carton, thereby ensuring timely deliveries.

PRPL is equipped with Lamina System Gluing Stations to increase productivity and capability for large format cartons. With an additional facility of applying hot glue, we have successfully developed gluing as an alternative to stitching.

To paste the printed sheets with corrugation, PRPL uses auto-laminator machines with high efficiency and low wastage. Our flute laminators can paste almost every type of flute, including board-to-board pasting. The pasting takes place with controlled moisture levels, leaving the product ready for the next process, reducing the turn-around time.

By following the process, we facilitate efficient post press serving your unique needs of packaging like electronics packaging, plastic tube and others.

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PRPL has a fully automatic corrugation department, equipped with all the modern gear to support any type of corrugation requirement to manufacture A, B, C, E, F & G type of flutes. G- Flute was introduced and perfected for the first time in India by PRPL.

PRPL is one of the very few packaging companies in the country to have printed mono cartons and corrugation facilities available at the same site.


PRPL has a fully automatic corrugation department, equipped with all the modern gear to support any type of corrugation requirement to manufacture A, B, C, E, F & G type of flutes. G- Flute was introduced and perfected for the first time in India by PRPL


Counted among the leading gift box manufacturers, PR Pack exports laminate tubes to the USA, South America, Kenya, Dubai, etc. We can up to 1.5 crore tubes per month (11.5 million tubes per month) on our 4 machines, including Kombis from Bulgaria and PSG Mini 120 from Switzerland. PR Pack makes tubes in a completely class D clean room pharmaceutical standard and supplying to major brands. We have all diameters available 16, 19, 22, 25, 28, 30, 35 MM in ABL and PBL, both with different types of caps, flip-top, round and stand-up, with or without top seal and in multiple finishes like matt varnish, gloss varnish, texture finish, etc. We can also do hot foil and cold foil on the tube and provide finishing like holographic finishing before or after printing.


Characteristics: 4x thicker than mono cartons, extremely dependable.
Primary Industries: Luxury, Electronics, Fashion.
Use case: Automatic plant or semi-automatic. Luxury products, extra strength, gifting solutions.
Specialization: Capacity of manufacturing 80,00,000 boxes per annum.

Being an innovative packaging company, we apply unique automation and handwork to manufacture rigid boxes, across all thicknesses and rigidity. All our rigid box machines are completely automatic. Various Kappa boards ranging from 1 mm to 8 mm are either made in India or imported.

Variants offered: Grey board, whiteboard, blackboard and multi-color boards.