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Seven features that will make your Product Packages Stand Out from the competition

September 16, 2021

Let's face it, when your end consumer goes out to buy a product in a supermarket, the first thing she sees is the packaging. Five boxes kept in a row of the same product and whatever catches their eye goes in the shopping cart. So as a packaging designer/product manufacturer, what can you do to stand out from the competition?

Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantages over large competitors. -- Sam Altman, an American entrepreneur.

Consumers on average form an impression of a brand within seven seconds of seeing the product. Therefore, custom packaging can be instrumental in creating a good first impression.

1. Graphic design edge:

This depends on whom you are trying to target? Will an eye catchy neon color scheme with heavy graphics attract your user base of kids? Or a minimalist, subtle design with a one or two color scheme be appreciated by your user base of millenials? It all depends on the latest trends, your sense of style and eye for graphics"

2. Structure:

a unique structure can not only attract your consumer to try our product it can also do wonders to save shipping costs if planned properly.. You can check our PRPL's Instagram page for structures like 360-degree rotating boxes, hanging lamitube shaped carton boxes, glueless self-opening boxes, etc.

3. Unboxing experience:

The way your consumer opens the packaging, revealing your product inside, is one of the best experiences you can give. PRPL offers branding kits, you can check out the video to see, how a curtain-raiser or a musical opening experience can be created.

4. Technological add on:

RFID tag, NFC tag, Augemented reality, Virtual reality, all of these can be now integrated with packaging to not only engage with consumers but also to establish anti counterfeit measures

5. Unique material:

Seed embedded paper, water-soluble labels, stone paper with lower carbon footprint, or leather texture paper, microfibres, metal plates, holographic laminations - all options are available these days. the texture and the tactile feeling of each material gives a different and unique sensory experience

6. Process innovation:

you can use flocking (giving a velvet cloth-like feel on packaging), or explore permutations with the sequence of processes - most customers do foil stamping after printing - but some clients tried doing it before printing and it gives a different rich look. you can explore double coats of a certain colour, or try combining other processes.

7. Shelf display techniques:

How a product stands on the shelf is not only a matter of structure but also modularity, how the pieces fit in together. a different stacking mechanism for the supermarket can even earn you a separate spot in the area. Competition will always be there, what is important that you consistently learn and evolve, with creative thinking in the above 7 domains - enabling you to stand out from the crowd.