A: PRPL has the latest technology of Mitsubishi with a fully UV loaded machine which can print on paper, metalized boards and even plastic.
A: PRPL is not only capable of providing Online Spot UV (offline facilities are also available) but can also provide other coatings like:
a) Textured Coating
b) Matt/Gloss Coating

A: Yes, the facility of Hot Foil Stamping is available. It can be done in any color and on any substance.

A: PRPL can print on holographic metalized board and can also provide holographic UV coatings.

A: PRPL has a specialized design department that will take a sample of your product and design a special packaging to suit your needs. Our specialized sample maker can provide printed or plain samples to satisfy the client on the carton type and design. A PDF of the artwork will also be shared with you for design approval.

We, at PRPL, are proud to introduce the latest innovation in digital prototyping. We provide our valued customers with 3D PDF’s in which you can analyze and visualize your product’s look and feel on-screen, with 360° image rotation.

A: PRPL is committed to customer satisfaction in all fields. If there is an urgent change requirement, we can accomplish it at a moment’s notice.

A: PRPL is capable of providing you with various in-house security features, such as watermarks, holographic printing, etc. to avoid counterfeiting/duplicity of your products.

A: Types of equipment used for QC at PRPL are Bursting Strength Tester, Scuff Tester, Compression Strength Tester and Spectrophotometer.

A: We would love for you to visit our manufacturing plant and give us your feedback. Please fill in the business enquiry form and the purpose of your visit in the feedback section, so we can help plan your visit.

A: PRPL’s Design and Development department is fully equipped and has very skilled designers, who will ensure you get the PDF’s of your packaging within 3 hours, plain samples in 8 hours and machine-printed samples within 24 hours.



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