Cosmetic Plastic Tube Packaging

Cosmetic Plastic Tube Packaging

The cosmetic industry is growing at a fast pace. It requires quality packaging to contain a variety of cosmetic products. Plastic tubes are the most widely used packaging item in the cosmetic industry. These tubes are designed for skincare products like lotions, creams, gels, and other formulations. Cosmetics cream tube is usually made using plastic like acrylic or polypropylene because these materials are strong enough to hold the products without hassles and are resistant to chemicals. This kind of quality packaging is beneficial for both manufacturers as well as consumers. We are a leading packaging manufacturer that takes pride in dealing with all types of printed packaging. As a responsible packaging solution provider, we make sure to provide hassle-free packaging in the cosmetic industry. Our packaging tubes are made using quality material to protect the product from outer contamination.

Key Features and Advantages

When it comes to cosmetic products, require hygienic packaging. Plastic tubes form a barrier to safeguard the inside product from air, light, and exposure thus helping to maintain shelf life. Ease of dispensing is another feature that is highly preferred in the cosmetic industry. We provide cosmetic plastic tube packaging that comes with pumps, flip-top caps, screw caps, etc. These dispensing mechanism features enable the user to control the quantity of the product dispensed thus avoiding wastage. Portability is one feature that the cosmetic industry leverages. Our offered plastic tubes are very light in weight and easy to carry. Since cosmetic products are used frequently in traveling too, we make the packaging convenient so that they can be used easily while you are on the go.


As a leading manufacturer, we ensure quality packaging at every step. Besides, we excel at print branding that includes product information and appealing designs directly onto the surfaces of the tubes. It helps in building a brand and appealing to consumers’ attention. Our fracture facility spreads over 9 acres of land enabling us to provide cosmetics cream tubes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Tubes can be opaque or transparent so that these can be designed to stand upright on shelves of display stores. We also try to offer recyclable tubes. It aligns with growing consumer demand and offers them sustainable packaging options. Our infrastructure capability enables us to offer plastic tubes in different sizes and shapes to match the suitability of the products. These can be used for a variety of cosmetic products, like sunscreen, moisturizers, hair gels, face masks, and others. Plastic tube packaging we offer brings cost-effective solutions to the customers.

We can offer a bulk quantity of plastic tube packaging for cosmetics to make it feasible and cost-effective for both small and large cosmetic companies. Ranging from molding machines to printing machines, we have everything to make your brand showcase in the most distinguished style. Our machines are tested on quality standards to ensure optimum functionality at a faster speed to cater to the bulk packaging demands of the clients. No matter what your demands are, we can take responsibility for quality packaging solutions as per the modern trends and ensure delivery on time, which is why, we are trusted by our clients for their packaging needs.


We choose Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), or a combination of both, depending on the product. These plastics are known for their flexibility, and durability, and are also compatible with different cosmetic formulations.

We provide various customization options for the tubes, including the tube color, product information, brand logo, and various other design elements.

Yes, our offered plastic tubes are effective and maintain the shelf life of cosmetics. They provide a light-resistant barrier that safeguards the product from exposure to air, moisture, and UV light that may degrade the containing product over time.

Leave the hassles of traditional packaging behind and get quality cosmetic plastic tube packaging solutions!

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