1207, 2021

Five types of unique materials used in Packaging Design and Manufacturing

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There are 4 major buckets any packaging innovation can fall into - graphics, structure, material, and process. All of these together combine to call it the 'user experience' of unboxing/picking any packet off the shelf. Material is the most crtiical - if someone can develop or source a material that is o limited access - it automatically transfers to anti counter feit packaging. It adds brand value and brand recall because the customer finds it very unique and something not available with every other brand- the perception of the brand jumps to a premium category. The Packaging Industry in India stood at USD 75.95 billion in 2019. Also, with many innovations happening, it will reach USD 103.32 billion by 2025. The supply chain will eventually improve too - with paper mills, film lamination manufacturers and chemical coating suppliers adding to the innovation value chain. "It's so easy for someone with a great idea to share it with the world in an instant, the pace of innovation is accelerating—and that opens up more areas than ever for exploration." -- Bill Gates, global philanthropist; co-founder, Microsoft Following are 5 innovative materials in packaging that might bring about a wow on your face. [...]

2705, 2021

Five commonly overlooked but critical components of Packaging production and International delivery Logistics

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Five commonly overlooked but critical components of Packaging production and International delivery Logistics I have heard many of the startups or first time business dealers ask me - the colour of packaging from my vendor doesn't seem like what I hoped it would. My question to them is - did you give them a light, standard, dark range? a pantone number? a reference sample? There's a running joke in the print industry - Pessimism in the press room is directly proportional to optimism in the office. It takes tough grit and a motivational management team to run a printing and packaging industry - ask us - we at PRPL have been doing it for 2 generations, 30 years. Many say one should find a local source and not source from India / China. Ten times more energy goes into the production of the food and goods it contains than into the packaging itself - despite, an average container ship traveling the equivalent of 75% of the way to the moon and back in an year. You can imagine - the focus should be on reducing energy/ carbon footprint consumed 'in the product' itself - than starting with the packaging - [...]

605, 2021

Five Critical Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Packaging Partner

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Five Critical Aspects to Consider When Selecting a Packaging Partner Whether you are starting your new business or want to cut down some costs in an existing one, or increase your sales by offering something unique and unusually more attractive to your customer, packaging and labeling is a major contributor. You might want to pick up a packaging partner, manufacturer or sourcing house, who understands the nuances of optimization transportation costs, quality of graphics and material and process finishing, and is able to deliver cost-effective packaging solutions. "When hiring, if forced to choose between virtue and talent, choose virtue." -- Charles Koch, CEO, Koch Industries The same holds for your packaging partner Imagine - 77% of consumers think packaging should and does reflect the environmental values of the business they purchased from. So it translates essentially to the partner you pick. So here are Five critical aspects to consider when selecting a Packaging Partner 1. Infrastructure 2. Industry experience 3. Consolidation 4. Innovation 5. Proactive 1. Infrastructure your packaging partner should have sufficient printing, post press equipment - purchasers often look at the quality of equipment - top notch, world-class, but forget to question the quantity. Quantity of lines is [...]

605, 2021

Seven features that will make your Product Packages Stand Out from the competition

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Seven features that will make your Product Packages Stand Out from the competition Seven features that will make your Product Packages Stand Out from the competition Let's face it, when your end consumer goes out to buy a product in a supermarket, the first thing she sees is the packaging. Five boxes kept in a row of the same product and whatever catches their eye goes in the shopping cart. So as a packaging designer/product manufacturer, what can you do to stand out from the competition? "Move fast. Speed is one of your main advantages over large competitors." - Sam Altman, American entrepreneur. Consumers on average form an impression of a brand within seven seconds of seeing the product. Therefore, custom packaging can be instrumental in creating a good first impression. 1. Graphic design edge: This depends on whom you are trying to target? Will an eye catchy neon colour scheme with heavy graphics attract your user base of kids? Or a minimalist, subtle design with a one or two colour scheme be appreciated by your user base of millenials? It all depends on the latest trends, your sense of style and eye for graphics" 2. Structure: A unique structure [...]

205, 2020

7 scariest COVID impacts on packaging

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Everything was rushing up to speed in the world pretty much in normalcy when the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic arrived and took the world by storm in 2020. This is very much different from the great depression or the 2008 recession - it is a one of a kind catastrophe humanity has had to face since a long time - predicted well in advance by Bill Gates. Source: Whereas on a national level, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown forcing all industries to shut shop and over 1.3 billion people to stay put in their homes - there are bound to be larger and perhaps, unseen, impacts that we need to be aware of. If we talk about the electronics packaging sector, here are 7 impacts on the industry that we need to be aware of. 1. Virus transmission through packaging The virus lasts on different surfaces for different times  Whether your packaging is primary, secondary or tertiary, hasn't it crossed your mind that the virus may be transmitted to you by your pizza delivery guy handing you the boxes? Well, although the study published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that scientists have discovered [...]

2803, 2020

An introduction to Lamitubes – Laminated Tubes

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An introduction to Lamitubes - Laminated Tubes Used in FMCG packaging for over 50 years now, Lamitubes are quite popular because of the soft squeeze characteristics it possesses, enabling the almost the entire product to be released from the container with application of pressure. Timeline of trends in lamitube structures 1970s : Paper, Aluminium foil, and thermoplastic film 1980s : Phasing out of paper based structures. 1990s : Multilayer polymer based barriers 2000s: Sustainability focus: foil thickness reduced to 9 to 12 microns from earlier 30-40 microns 2010s: 40 to 75% PCR HDPE | 50% organic sugarcane based polymer Printing technologies Letterpress Elite Fusion One click 3D printing Digital printing Uses across sectors With diameters ranging from 12 MM to 50 MM, there are multiple tube sizes in the market with different shapes like oval and round - the basic idea is always to have synergy between carton, print media, and tube packaging. Posted by P.R. Packagings Ltd. at 00:35 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: ABL, Laminate tubes, Lamitubes, Packaging Ideas, Packaging Innovations, Technology in Packaging  

2612, 2019

Self folding structures: the future of packaging?

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Self folding structures: the future of packaging? Haruki Nakamura, the origami artist and paper engineer from Japan, is perhaps one of the most under rated contributors in the field today. His works are amazing, especially how he brings 2 dimensional structures into 3D, and 3D ones alive by adding the component of time to them. You can check out his work on YouTube. What is more intriguing, is when we take this conversation towards further automation as explained below. This has far reaching implications on interactive packaging- on creating a whole experience out of how the user interacts with the paper packaging. This is exactly what the next level is - experiential economy. If you have a look here, you can check out the amazing work done by MIT Media labs. Using really simple base materials such as paper, plastics, and fabrics, the designers adequately stitched certain folds and used inflation and resulting pneumatic pressure for the material to automatically fold over itself - resulting in a unique 'alive' origami structure. Their developed software creates a sort of a key-line that dictates the degree of bending, the geometry etc. that the 2D structure will morph into. Speaking of work [...]