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PR Packaging is a leader in the packaging industry. We house state-of-the-art technologies and processes to meet with the demands of some of the biggest brands. Our clients trust us to deliver industry-leading products and solutions across various industries in 15 countries. We value the time and investment of our clients and employ the Kanban accountability system to prepare, process and deliver projects on-time, every time.

We also set the benchmark for using optimum materials and environmentally-friendly practices.

PR Packaging is the perfect value-add partner for boosting your brand & product value.



The world’s leading brands win customers and loyalty by providing wholesome experiences. PR Packaging Ltd. (PRPL) is India’s premier packaging partner that helps build unrivalled brands by providing them with end-to-end solutions from conceptualizing, designing and innovating to manufacturing and sourcing of all materials related to packaging.

A wholly family-owned company, based in progressive Faridabad (NCR), P.R. Packagings Ltd. (PRPL) opened doors to excellence in 1991. We are renowned for in-house R&D, patenting sustainable ways to improve our environmental impact and using the best machinery to help our clients and ourselves reach our goals perfectly.

With Design and Conceptual Decisions, Create Incomparable Value For Your Products

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We, at PRPL, take pride in the long-lasting association we have built with our clients and how we live them through. In our commitment to give our clients only the best, we strive to continually improve our technology and expertise to meet and exceed customer expectations and needs. We relentlessly work towards nurturing an ambience of sincerity, jubilance, and perfection.

PRPL is being nurtured by a team of vibrant, dynamic and young professionals who put in their collective efforts to fulfill the hopes, dreams and relationships of PRPL.

Our Vision

PRPL is rooted in thinking long-term, moving quick, adapting fast, and build lasting relationships.
This resonates with the 450+ members of the PRPL family. Our standards and commitment are benchmarks for clients around the world.

The Value We Bring

We are a globally recognized printing and value-added packaging solutions provider like contract manufacturing, ware-housing, logistics as per the customer needs by honed workforces having innovative ideas and technologies with the aim of annual growth rate of 25%.


Recognizing technology, we use state-of-the-art machinery to present our customers with the best possible products in the shortest time. PRPL’s world-class and much-praised infrastructure enhances the production facility to produce optimum quality materials with an environment-friendly approach. P.R. Packagings Ltd. provides a one-stop solution for our customers’ needs on packaging. We have all the manufacturing facilities integrated at one place with the latest machinery and technologies available.

  • PRecise – 100% effort in quality & quantity 24×7

  • PRincipled – Completely committed from start-to-finish

  • PRactical – Building and implementing the most efficient practices in business

  • PRompt – All stakeholders updated with information on priority

  • PRofessional – Can-do ethos, respectfulness and accountability at every step

  • PRogressive – Everyone’s values, inputs and growth are encouraged everyday

  • PRpared – Researching and employing future trends to reduceenvironmental impact

  • PRoficient – Always ready for our client’s biggest ambitions

  • PRominent – Delivering outstanding quality, resisting ordinary outcomes

  • PRactised – 25+ years of experience in being global leaders of the packaging industry

  • PResentable – Everything matters to set the highest standards of work


PRPL is rooted in thinking long-term, moving quick,adapting fast, and build lasting relationships.This resonates with the 450+ members of the PRPL family. Our standards and commitment are benchmarks for clients around the world.

The Value We Bring

A home-grown brand, taking to newer heights every day. Our hearts fill with pride as we witness the fruition of our hard work and the journey thus far.

Mr. Ravinder Kr. Gupta
Mr. Ravinder Kr. GuptaCEO & MD
Mr. Ravinder Gupta is B.Com(Hons) graduate from SRCC Delhi and started the company in 1990 single handedly. Packaging is his passion and his expertise and knowledge has led to the company’s growth.
Mrs. Punita Gupta
Mrs. Punita GuptaED
Mrs. Punita Gupta, the wife of Mr. Ravinder Gupta, has been involved with PRPL since its inception and has bene crucial to its growth. Her strengths are HR and Quality and System Formation.
Mr. Lakshay Gupta
Mr. Lakshay GuptaDirector
Lakshay is the eldest son of Puntia and Ravinder (PR) and has been involved with the company since 2015. He is looking into R&D and innovation department and working on keeping the company ahead of its competitors.
Mr. Vishesh Gupta
Mr. Vishesh GuptaDirector
Vishesh is the younger son of Punita and Ravinder, working with PRPL since 2014. He looks after the export business and has been crucial in the growth of the companies exports.


  • Founded by Ravinder Gupta as EPS Manufacturing in Faridabad

    Founded by Ravinder Gupta as EPS Manufacturing in Faridabad

  • Expansion to Prithla, Haryana (Current Location)

    Expansion to Prithla, Haryana (Current Location)

  • Expansion into Printed Mono Cartons and Paper Based Packaging

    Expansion into Printed Mono Cartons and Paper Based Packaging

  • Promoted the company to the best in the country

    Promoted the company to the best in the country

  • Diversified into Lamitubes, Rigid Boxes

    Diversified into Lamitubes, Rigid Boxes



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