Responsible Corporate

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PRPL CorporateP.R. Packagings Limited is committed to Safety, Health and Environmental values.

The VALUES we endorse are...

There are no employees in our company.

We are all Teammates.

We work, innovate, share thoughts and look into the future of the company together with a single goal.

It’s not just work, PRPL understands its social responsibilities towards all its members, sharing the important phases of their lives like a family.

Responsible Corporate:

  • Well-communicated EHS Policy.
  • Infrastructure adhering to BRC-IOP and GMP Norms.
  • Formalized Preventive Pest Control System.
  • Individual Lockers to help workers keep their belongings.
  • Mandatory use of factory wear, hair nets and helmets.
  • Separate canteen area away from the manufacturing section.
  • Prohibition of the use of tobacco or related products within the factory compound.
  • Regular health check-ups.
  • Recreation room for relaxation.
  • Celebration of festivals.