Printed Folding Cartons

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Printed Folding Cartons

PR Packaging is considered an authority in the printed folding carton business. As the preferred manufacturers and suppliers of these items to some of the biggest brands across industries, we are always striving to maintain the high quality standards we are renowned for. Through our customer-focused approach, we are able to cater to a huge variety of needs, and by extension, industries. Our large range of attractively designed printed folding cartons offers great choices. Whether the need is for a gift carton, a cosmetic item, food and beverage products, or household goods, we are well-equipped to recommend and supply just the right type of printed folding carton. The products are manufactured with precision in absolute accordance with the dimensions and size specifications provided by the customer.

Our printed folding cartons are manufactured from many different types of raw material depending upon customer requirements. These include cardboards, fiber boards, plastic molds and paper sheets, among others. Gift boxes, in particular, require a higher degree of aesthetic appeal than other kinds of cartons and therefore necessitate the use of specific raw materials. They are also generally much smaller in size than other average folding cartons.

Uses of Printed Folding Cartons

Printed folding cartons used in the food and beverage sector have to fulfill some other parameters as well, such as good resistance against moisture. Some examples of these are wine boxes, chocolate cartons and confectionary products. These generally require the use of plastic coated paper boards. Being durable yet lightweight is a prime consideration in these cartons. At PR Packaging, we then customize these beautifully designed printed folding cartons with the individual brand's insignia and requirements. These can vary from nutritional information, year of manufacturing and vintage, to certifications, labels and taglines.