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Pre-Press Department

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P.R. Packagings Ltd. has a fully equipped Design, Development and Pre-Press Department to understand and produce packaging that converts every customer’s imagination into reality.

Our Design and Development team provides value-addition to customer service by innovating and developing new packaging concepts and designs suited to meet our customers’ needs and surpass their expectations, challenging the limits of packaging design, with the least turnaround time for development. We use the best available software for design and development.



Our Pre-Press is equipped with the latest software and technology including:
Esko Graphics Suit Workflow, which increases the efficiency and ensures quality control over artworks.

PRPL has also introduced an Esko Kongsberg Sample Maker to enhance the innovation capabilities of the Design and Development Unit.



The PRPL design team enjoys developing new and exciting ways to show off your retail packaging. Whether our customers need a retail product package, a high impact POP display, or a custom-designed packaging solution, we think “outside the box” about what goes inside the box. We do not stop at the custom design stage – we see our customers through every step of the process, from the initial design and prototype phases to the final production.

We specialize in developing labor-saving packaging techniques with our efficient manufacturing capabilities to lower the production costs. All of our designs are produced electronically for precise accuracy. Once the prototype is designed, we bring it to three-dimensional life with pre-production samples. With these samples in hand, our customers can make changes and modifications before approving full-production runs.