About Us

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P.R. Packagings Ltd. (PRPL) started its journey of excellence in the year 1991 and has now become one of the pioneers in the paper packaging industry.

We, at PRPL, take pride in the long lasting association that we have built with our clients and how we live them through. In our commitment to give our clients only the best, we strive to continually improve our technology and expertise to meet and exceed customer expectations and needs. We relentlessly work towards nurturing an ambience of sincerity, jubilance, and perfection.

PRPL about us

PRPL is being nurtured by a team of vibrant, dynamic and young professionals who put in their collective efforts to fulfill the hopes, dreams and relationships of PRPL.

The PRPL team always desires to perform, win and give customers more than just a product or a service. With years of experience in delighting our customers, we remain as committed today to provide the most technologically advanced products and services as we were in our starting years.