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PRPL is always looking to hire young professionals both trained and untrained who can learn, be trained and grow as assets of the company. We at PRPL believe that it is not just the technology, but also the team of a company that helps it grow. With this belief, we at PRPL, encourage you to apply with us, and to develop a symbiotic relationship of learning and growing together.


We at PRPL believe that the performance of a business is linked to the success of an individual’s initial training. With this in mind, PRPL has developed an internship program for individuals in the Printing and Packaging field so that they can learn the practical aspects of their learning and how the industry actually works, training them and making them ready for the challenges of the real world.

With our internship program, young people gain technical, methodological, social and individual skills, helping them to gain the necessary skills, thus making them independent and versatile for the future. With our program, the individuals develop their personality and get the necessary tools required to build their future.

More Information on the program

Internship programs are usually conducted from May to August. They cover the basics of packaging and are shuffled through every department after a fixed duration of up to 2 weeks per department. The interns are required to work with the staff, complete the tasks assigned, as well as watch and learn the actual working techniques and processes used in the industry. The interns are encouraged to ask as many questions as they have from their immediate coordinator until their concepts are completely clear and they have full understanding. Every intern is required to submit a mandatory Training Report, on the fixed company format after the training is complete, so we can assess our learning and understanding and thus keep on remodeling our training program accordingly.

To apply for the internship program at PRPL, you must currently be a student enrolled in a college/university and should have completed at least 2 years of your undergraduate education.

As the interns are shuffled through various departments so that they get to know the work and the processes followed in the company and get to strengthen the concepts they have learnt with practical knowledge.

If the dates for the internship do not work with many interns, the company will be happy to modify the program to suit the dates.

To apply for the internship program, please fill this form. The last date to apply is the 15th of March.

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Careers With PRPL

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